My Chess Family conducts COVID-safe chess classes online.


Lessons are offered to children ages 4 and up.
Lesson duration: from 30 minutes and up.

Students study theory and chess strategy, learn new chess moves, and have a chance to apply their knowledge and practice their skills by playing with their fellow students.

In larger classes, the students are divided into smaller groups according to the skill level.

To inquire and sign up:
Contact Dmitri Shevelev by email at or call (347) 524 8430. You can also request a quote online:


These group classes are scheduled every week and students can join at any time.

TUESDAYS, 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm EST
Beginner / Advanced Beginner

WEDNESDAYS, 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm EST
Intermediate Group

Fee: $35 per class. Pay online >
You can purchase several sessions in advance. After you’ve made your payment, you receive a link to join the class.


In this fun, entry-level class, children will become familiar with the chessboard and names of all pieces. They’ll start to learn how the pieces move and capture as well as their value. Throughout the class, our patient and experienced teachers will evaluate every child’s ability and progress in order to help them succeed. All students will receive complimentary membership to the ChessMatec app ( for the duration of the semester.

*This class is suited for children who have no experience playing chess but want to learn. Ideal for ages 4.5 – 8.

Taught by our passionate and patient chess teachers, your child will embark on his/her journey into a Chess kingdom in a fun and entertaining way. Your child can expect to learn the basic opening principles, strategies, and tactics. He/she will understand how to capture and trade chess pieces and will know the importance of paying attention to their opponent’s moves. All students will receive complimentary membership to the ChessMatec app ( for the duration of the semester.

*This class is suited for children who have knowledge of chess pieces and the know-how they move/capture. Ideal for ages 5 – 10.

This class is a great fit for kids who have the ability to finish a game from beginning to end. Students can expect to learn new openings, sharpen tactics in the middlegame, and improve the endgame.

This class is suited for children who have basic knowledge of checkmates and opening strategy rules. Ideal for ages 5-12.


Team Chess Practice is an offering intended for all players who are passionate about chess and looking to improve their level of play. This is a chance to play with peers and build skills in a fun and challenging group setting. It is open to all ages. To participate, players must have prior experience playing in chess tournaments as well as be able to play a game to completion (checkmate). All participants must have the interest and stamina to remain engaged for 75-minute sessions.

Fee: $35 per session. Pay online >