When it comes to chess instruction for children, Dmitri is in a class by himself. He is the most enthusiastic, patient, creative, passionate teacher that my children have ever had. He is reliable and responsible and takes tremendous pride in the accomplishments of his students. Our children started with Dmitri as complete beginners and are now skilled and competitive players who take great pleasure in the game — even when they lose! Dmitri is simply the best!
– Elyssa F.

Both of our kids (1st grade and Pre K) have built true passion and excellence for chess, and Dmitri’s exceptional teaching skills are a big part of this. Dmitri effectively teaches the key game principles, orients himself by age and skill level and builds confidence with our young kids as they start to compete and experience their first wins and losses.
– Dana A.

Dmitri and My Chess Family have been teaching my two kids to play chess for almost four years since my youngest was in preschool. He has instilled in them a love of the game and taught them great sportsmanship. He focuses on each child as an individual, tailoring lessons to each child’s unique needs and strengths. Most importantly, he helps my children build their self-confidence even in the face of competition and losses.
– Liz, Mom of 7 and 9-year-old scholastic chess players

Dmitri is a gifted chess coach! My children (and dozens of others at our school) look forward to their lessons with him. He cares about each child regardless of his or her skill level and is a very encouraging presence.
– Erica G.

Dimitri is the best chess teacher. Your child will not only learn about chess he/she will learn about people and the best ways to interact with others. My son is now twenty and Dimitri who was his teacher when he was very young taught him so much that remains relevant to this day and beyond. Dimitri is a gem of a guy and a true talent.
– Richard Jacovitz